Frequently Asked Questions

Are you American Heart Association (AHA) certified? Yes. Please visit  heart.org, click on the tab “CPR & ECC”; then click on the tab “find a course”; click on the link “Classrooms and skills sessions”; enter the zip code “91316” zip radius “10 miles” and hit “search”. Choose the course you will be taking. Sort the options by name and find “Heart Shockers Education”.

How long is each class? According to AHA guidelines: ACLS is approximately 10-12 hours long; PALS is approximately 14 hours.

Is the book required? According to American Heart Association guidelines, “if you already own a book or have access to one before, during, and after class, you do not need to purchase one.”

How can I prepare for the courses? Some students have found the Pre-course Assessment to be helpful. You may  logon http://www.heart.org/eccstudent and enter “compression” for ACLS or “palsprovider” for PALS. It is NOT GRADED.

Where are your classes located? We are based out of Encino in Los Angeles County, however we DO travel for groups of 12 or more. We also provide the venue space.

When do we receive the cards? You receive your cards immediately following class.

How long are the cards good for? The cards are good for 2 years.

What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, check, and credit card.

If I purchase the package, am I limited to those dates? No, you can check our schedule and take the class on any of the dates offered.